Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Mitt: "Who Let the Dogs Out?"

Yea I know I'm a little late on this one but it is hilarious. What was he thinking??

You gotta love YouTube...nice work Mitt!

Saturday, July 14, 2007

¿Un espaƱol que habla a presidente? Part 2

This is a follow up to my post last month about candidates who speak Spanish. A huge portion of this country is Spanish speaking and it is a huge advantage for a candidate to be able to reach out to these voters.

Here is a behind the scenes video of Sen. Chris Dodd being interviewed by Univision. Especially because he is a 'low profile' candidate, he should utilize this in his campaign.

New York Times correspondent killed in Iraq

This story is a must read.

Khalid W. Hassan, an Iraqi correspondent for the New York Times was gunned down while traveling in his car in Iraq yesterday . Hassan, like countless others, was just trying to make a living for his family.

After his car was hit by a spray of gunfire he text messaged his mother telling her that he was alright, minutes later he was shot in the head at close range while talking on his cell phone. (We know this because a "Policeman" witnessed it. Why wasn't he killed or take action...I don't know).

Another alarming part of this story is that Hassan's pockets were emptied by his murderer. Which means they took his ID that allows him into the US occupied 'safe' zones.

This is just another example of how bad things are in Iraq. I'd like to think that I am well versed on the current situation in Iraq, but I even get confused when the talk turns to Sunni, Shiite, death squads, or al-Sadyr. It seems to change every time I start to understand it. Who is trying to kill who? And why?

Maybe they don't even know.

This could be why nobody has any good ideas on how to solve this crisis.

Friday, July 6, 2007

Saint Bill

Bill Clinton, while campaigning for his wife, criticized President Bush's decision to remove the prison sentence (not a pardon) for "Scooter" Libby (how he got the nickname "Scooter" is beyond me).

While its nice to see good ol' Bill out and about, doing what he does best...criticizing others. It is ridiculous for Bill Clinton to be passing judgement on anyone in such situations.

Clinton stated, "...they believe that they should be able to do what they want to do, and that the law is a minor obstacle.”

Is he criticizing someone else as treating the law as a minor obstacle? This coming from a guy who committed perjury, and was impeached as president?!

I thought Bill believed in second chances. At least that is what his wife gave him and what one would think when they hear that he pardoned 140 people in his final hours in the Oval Office. Including a man who evaded over $10 million dollars in back taxes, who just so happened to be a large donor to the Democratic party (and Mrs. Clinton's campaign).

Pardon happy Mr. Clinton then tried a cheap shot at President Bush saying, “You have to think; we’ve seen what happens when you don’t think.” ...Yea, you stain a blue dress and get impeached.

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Bloomberg the Independent?

Can New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg make a serious run at the presidency as an Independent? Countless stories this past week suggest that the Mayor is going to do it, come hell or high water.

As a billionaire candidate financing his own campaign he doesn't have to answer (give special favors) to donors. As an Independent he can do whatever he wants, and doesn't have to please a party of single minded people.

This is a first folks! OK a second, I remember the ears.

Bloomberg has been studying the campaign of Ross Perot, and he is planning on duplicating the fellow billionaire's efforts with even more success.

A CNN/Opinion Research Poll this past week showed that people are open to an independent candidate:

Clinton (D) 41%
Giuliani (R) 38%
Bloomberg (I) 17%

Obama (D) 40%
McCain (R) 34%
Bloomberg (I) 21%

Keep in mind that this poll is conducted before Bloomberg has even begun a campaign. These numbers would be fantastic if he had been campaigning for months. I personally get excited when I see an Independent pull more than a percentage point!

How do these other candidates who have their "myspace" websites, texting for dollars, consultants attached to the hip, flying around shaking hands, kissing babies, and waving at folks, feel when this guy mentions that he might run for president and he instantly pulls in 20% of a poll, without the backing of the 'sacred' party?

It means that Obama was right. We are ready for a (real) new kind of politics.

Saturday, June 23, 2007

Any Change in Iraq?

A story in the Washington Post makes you realize how bad the living conditions in Iraq really are. Forget the Democrat and Republican accusations and complaints, just read the article.

These people are just like us, but they rarely have electricity, are dying from heat exhaustion, and their lives are in danger at all times in their own homes.

"He pays no more attention to the helicopters that roar overhead than he would to a passing truck, except that the street in front of his house is blocked off by concrete barriers. The rat-a-tat of AK-47s is so frequent that it's possible not to hear it anymore. And the new rooftop pool has eased his family's cabin fever, offering a refreshing substitute for visits they no longer make to parks, clubs, markets and friends' homes."

The Iraqi citizens have no faith at all in their government, "Forget about reconstruction -- what we are waiting for is change in the whole state," he said. "I just want one sincere, honorable person running Iraq. If he rules, even if we have to wait five or six years, there will be hope. But with the people we have now, even if you build 100 power plants, there's no hope."

In 115 degree heat having no power is the last thing you want, add suicide bombings, and the sound of AK-47s all around you it almost fits the description of hell.

"A June 12 study by the National Security Network, a private advocacy group, found that while the United States has spent $3.1 billion to improve electricity in Iraq, the power generated in May was 6 percent less than prewar levels. "Over the past three weeks, Baghdad has suffered severe power and water shortages of up to 23 hours a day," the study said."

It seems that our government is arguing over things that don't even matter, and won't improve anything. Congress spends weeks on things such as the $3.1 billion to improve electricity, yet it doesn't help the Iraqis out at all.

So as you sit there enjoying the benefits of electricity think of some ways that our government can actually produce change in all starts with ending the political bickering that just takes us in circles.

I know the subjects of the slew of emails I will now receive, and its a sad state of affairs that whenever I say something negative about Iraq I am called a 'left winger.' Our minds are in the completely wrong spot! Think about what can be done to cause change, not wonder if your idea would be OK with your 'party leader' who doesn't know your name.

Detach yourself from 'your' party and think for yourself once in a while!

Thursday, June 21, 2007

Bloomberg/Schwarzenegger 2008?

A story from the AP suggests that New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg wants The Governator to run with him.

That would be a very strong ticket, and with Bloomberg leaving the GOP this week it would be a bipartisan ticket!!It's about time!

There is just one problem, The Governator is not eligible to be president or vice-president because he is a naturalized citizen, he (obviously) wasn't born here.

However, these laws have never been challenged in the courts, and could be changed. Schwarzenegger is a great Governor, and is truly the only politician today that could care less about partisanship, my kind of guy!

The 12th Amendment bars any naturalized citizen from becoming vice-president. This law should be challenged, as should the constitutional requirement that only allows natural born citizens to become president.

These laws were created to ensure that no foreign person would have power in the early stages of the United States. It is no longer 1776, and every potential candidate for any elected office is put through the ringer. We find things out about candidates that we don't even want to know.

I don't think that the day Arnold becomes Vice President he will only speak in German and suddenly take over the world.